Air Pollution In Hong Kong Fuels Hospital Visits

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Super fine air pollution particles, dozens of times smaller than a human hair are causing major health issues in Hong Kong. The particles are a result of Hong Kong’s industrial activity and the exhaust of motor vehicles.


The air carries the pollution which then enters the blood stream and makes its way into the organs and is known to cause cardiovascular disease, a major causes of death in Hong Kong.

Current research has shown that every 10 micrograms per cubic meter measured daily has uncovered an increase in coarse airborne pollutant particles which has resulted in a 1% increase in emergency hospital admissions for respiratory disease, or an additional 830 hospital admissions per day.

Air pollution in Hong Kong is a major health concern.

Pack your gas mask to avoid the air pollution!

Deteriorating air quality in Hong Kong is sending more people to hospital, says a new survey.

According to a pair of researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who examined day-to-day pollution levels and hospital visits over a six-year period, a rise in airborne pollutants in Hong Kong was associated with a rise in emergency hospital visits.

Published in Environmental Health Perspectives, the study, led by professor Yu Tak Sun Ignatius and Ph.D candidate Hong Qiu, comes as residents report increasing levels of frustration with the city’s pollution. In 2010, a survey found that one out of four Hong Kongers have considered leaving the city because of its air quality, up from one in five in 2008, according to local think-tank Civic Exchange. A few years ago, the director of the city’s Philharmonic Orchestra had his family do just that, packing them up and moving them to Wisconsin, citing frustration with the city’s lung-choking air.

Source: Wall Street Journal

As we see China’s growth as an industrial nation, we hear more about the affects that the nations manufacturing sector has upon not only the environment, but also the health of its people.

Although the economy is booming for the nation, the cost of health care is sky rocketing. Many residents of Hong Kong have been forced to buy their own private air cleaning systems to cope with the pollution.

More and more corporations are outsourcing their manufacturing processes to China in a bid to cut costs. The ultimate price that China is paying could see some irreparable bi-products as the super power continues to grow its manufacturing sector.

Air pollution is just one of the major concerns that China faces as it heads rapidly into the future.

Hong Kong is said to be one the most over populated places on the planet, and also the most air polluted!

If you plan on travelling to Hong kong make sure you pack your gas mask and a bottle of fresh air!

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