Air Purifying Clothes Set To Clean Up By 2013

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It seems that the Scottish have take the idea of wearing a kilt into the green future.  An amazing technology that purifies the air around a person as he or she takes a leisurely stroll in search of that other Scottish mystery… The Loch Ness Monster!

The material acts as a catalyst, attracting dirty air and converting it to “fresh air” The next time you see a Scotsmen, don’t ask him whats under his kilt,  just take a deep breath safe in the knowledge that it is probably pure!


The jeans and kilts neutralise pollution around the wearer!

The jeans and kilts neutralise pollution around the wearer!   Special clothing which cleans the air around the person wearing them has been unveiled at a science festival in Edinburgh.

Catalytic Clothing, in the form of air-purifying jeans and kilts, are on display as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.


The clothes are treated with titanium dioxide which acts as a catalyst, which cleans the air.

Air pollution is neutralised by the clothes as the person walks.

UV Light Activates The Reaction!

With the help of sunlight, the catalysts neutralise the dirt from the air pollution around the person.

The clothes could be launched on the market in 2013.

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What do you think?

Would you start wearing a kilt that purifies the air as you walk?

Are we putting enough resources into developing similar technologies?

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