Another Reason To Go Veg! Animal Cyborgs Are On The Menu

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If you needed another reason to pass on the clam chowder, try this.  Scientists have started harvesting energy from clams to make them into living batteries by sticking electroides into the main body cavities containing blood.  Clams apparently get a smoko between hook ups to allow them to regain blood sugar levels.

This or twelve oysters?

Animal cyborgs have already begun their rise as scientists transform creatures into living batteries capable of powering tiny spy gadgets or sensors. A lab has taken a new step toward that world of tomorrow by harvesting energy from clams to power an electric motor.

The same group previously showed how cyborg snails could survive hosting the first fully implanted biofuel cells. This time U.S. and Israeli researchers put implants in three living clams and then hooked the clams together as a battery to create enough electricity to turn an electric motor — a step toward the scenario in the 1999 film “The Matrix” in which Morpheus compares a human being to a Duracell battery.
“The challenge of the work with clams was in assembling individual cells in batteries,” said Evgeny Katz, a professor of chemistry at Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y.
Katz and his colleagues implanted the biofuel cells by sticking electrodes into the clams’ main body cavities filled with blood, so that the blood sugar served as the energy source for the biofuel cells. The researchers allowed the clams to rest between energy-harvesting periods so that the mollusks could rebuild blood sugar levels.
Source: MNN

How do you feel about using clams and snails to produce energy? If it reduced climate change would you view it as a viable alternative to fossil fuels?

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