Attitudes On Global Warming Depends On The Weather

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A recent study by social scientists has revealed that peoples attitudes towards human caused global warming depends on the weather. The scientists surveyed groups on unusually colder or hotter days and discovered that these days lead to a greater belief in anthropological global warming.

On average temperature days the groups are more likely to be ambivalent about climate change.

Attitudes depend on the weather!

The study results suggest that because global warming and climate are complex and long-term trends, people may be more likely to grasp onto a simpler, more easily accessible explanation — the weather.

“Global warming is so complex, it appears some people are ready to be persuaded by whether their own day is warmer or cooler than usual, rather than think about whether the entire world is becoming warmer or cooler,” Ye Li, a postdoctoral researcher at the Columbia Business School’s Center for Decision Sciences, said in a statement. “It is striking that society has spent so much money, time and effort educating people about this issue, yet people are still so easily influenced.”

Li, the study’s lead researcher, added that this would be analogous to a person looking in his or her wallet to make a call on how well the economy is doing.

Source: Live Science

I think that we live in a society that is generally disconnected from nature. We have lost our true place in the world.

What interests me about these findings is the fickle nature of humans, and our apparent short term memory.

Super storms fueled by warming oceans

It will be interesting in the future to see the reaction to global environmental events. Will people say “Nobody told us?”

Does this survey reveal a general disregard for our planet, or does it actually reiterate the fact that we have as a species become shallow … Incapable of disseminating the masses of information blasted to us daily through popular electronic media?

The research was conducted in Australia and the U.S.

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