Australian Company Lavo™ Develops World First Hydrogen Battery
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Australian Company Lavo™ Develops Hydrogen Battery

by Editor

Just when you thought it was all bad news on the renewable green energy front: Australian Company Lavo™ Develops World First Hydrogen Battery. Using a revolutionary patented hybrid alloy, have successfully been able to store power from the solar panels and a water supply. The bi-product of these electrolytic reactions in the water is of coarse oxygen.



The LAVO™ Hydrogen Cells.


What is LAVO?

“LAVO is an Australian technology and lifestyle company powered by hydrogen. We are commercialising the first of its kind hydrogen energy storage system set to integrate with solar energy systems to power homes and businesses. The LAVO system is the next generation of green energy storage which acts as a solar sponge, integrating with rooftop solar to capture and store renewable energy for use when your household or business needs it. At LAVO , we are passionately committed to changing the way people live with energy.” Source LavoHydrogen battery

The Lavo™ draws energy from your existing solar panel array and stores it in its green energy powered hydrogen cells. The 40kwH of power stored can provide the energy for an average Australian household for up to 48 hours. This makes it possible to be 100% green and sustainable energy manufacturer in your own home!

Hear LAVO™ CEO, Alan Yu and Chief Scientist, Professor Francois Aguey-Zinsou discuss the vision and science behind LAVO™. LAVO energy storage system launch event – YouTube


Power from the Sun

The hydrogen battery harvests energy from your existing solar panel array then stores it in a safe and easy method. Pre-Orders are now available and we expect to be manufacturing in June 2021.

LAVO™ Control app.

The Lavo™ app which will be available for Android and Apple as soon as the tech goes live. The app allows you to control and monitor the amount of electricity stored at any given time; but what else would we expect from such an innovative company such as LAVO™ Australia.

The company has plans to start an international export business and plans to go global in the future. LAVO™ has been designed with an Artificial Intelligence based intelligent onboard control software connected to the cloud via your local wireless internet connection (where available). The system will learn your usage patterns and optimise your solar and LAVO™ storage system performance based on your unique needs. Source LAVO™ Hydrogen Battery

 What do you think? Will this kind of technology start to slowly ease the effects of fossil fuels? Is this the beginning of a revolution in how we will generate and store energy? I don’t know about you guys but this is the best news I have heard of lately! The Editor Planet Earth Herald


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