Belgium Stays On Top Of Glass Recycling

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The citizens of Belgium don’t need to tread like they are walking on broken glass. A recent study by FEVE (The European Container Glass Federation) estimates that around 25 billion glass bottles and containers were collected for recycling in 2010. Belgium’s commitment to recycling leads the European community as the people of Belgium continue to show their support for a sustainable future by taking action where it counts.

The shattering study reveals that the UK also had a significant proportion of glass being sent to the smelters with a large portion of the recycled glass being used to manufacture fibreglass.

Belgium stays on top of glass recycling.

Belgium remains top in the EU with a glass recycling rate of 95.95%, followed by the Netherlands with 91.27 and Sweden with 91.14%. At the other end of the scale Cyprus has the lowest glass recycling rate for 2010 at just 19.91%.

FEVE estimates that approximately 25 billion glass bottles and jars were collected throughout the EU during 2010. Of these 80% of glass bottles and jars collected are sent for remelt, which in 2010 saved more than 12 million tonnes of raw materials including soda ash, sand and limestone.

However, in the UK the proportion of glass sent for remelt was greater. In 2010 the UK collected 1,646,708 tonnes of glass, of which approximately 600,000 tonnes was sent for remelt, while 400,000 was use in aggregates and the rest was either exported or used in the production of fibre glass.

Commenting on the importance of sending glass to remelt, Niall Wall, president of FEVE, said: “Glass collection and recycling is the perfect component of a circular economy. As there is still 32% of glass that is not yet collected our goal is to get this precious resource back in the bottle-to-bottle loop. With the help of national and EU authorities, collectors and processors we want to increase the quantities of good quality glass collected so that we can recycle more in our plants.”

News Source: Lets Recycle

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