Bilderberg Groups Environmental Policy For 2012

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The Bilderberg group, (A mysterious organisation that receives a lot of focus from conspiracy groups) will be having its annual meeting again to allegedly discuss the future plans that they have for our planet.

Once again we will see the likes of Alex Jones and his entourage of anti-globalist protesters voicing their views and standing up for the human race in a series of protests staged around the meeting.

It is said that the Bilderberg group consists of an invitation only guest list of some of the most powerful and influential people on the planet.

This year the meeting is said to be focusing on environmental issues and concerns over global warming.

Bilderberg groups global elite list?

We all understand the effects six billion people are having on our planet and have come to the inescapable conclusion that population growth must be controlled if the planet and life on it are to survive.

The Bilderberg vision of the world by the year 2012 is as follows:

A large section of the planet described by the Tropic of Cancer to the south, the Arctic Circle to the north, the Bering Straight to the west, and the Newfoundland Basin to the east will be the exclusive domain of the Bilderberg. That area includes most of North America and its surrounding oceans. It will be populated by the elite and approximately 10 million people engaged in running the United States government, maintaining the needed infrastructure and organic food supply, guarding the boarders, removing man-made structures, and restoring the land. Otherwise, it will be off limits to the rest of mankind.

Source: Prison Planet

Although the Bilderberg group is shrouded in secrecy and little is known about their real world activities… Are you concerned that such a group actually exists?

The Bilderberg group is shrouded in mystery

Do you think that the Bilderberg groups lack of concern for humans and altruistic environmental approach is over the top?

Did you even know that such a group exists? Do you think that one world government is an effective way to solve the imminent environmental crises that we are facing?

Are you fearful that you may lose your rights under the guise of environmental protection?

For those readers whom aren’t familiar with the Bilderberg group we have shared a documentary in the top right hand corner of this article.

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