Black Day For Apple As Protestors Raid New York Headquarters

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Black balloons have darkened the skies over the entrance to Apple’s main store on Fifth Avenue New York as protesters make a statement about the amount of coal power used by Apple at its facilities. With a chant and call to have Apple to create a “cleaner cloud” protesters staged this friendly protest in Apple stores in San Francisco and Toronto as well.

99 black balloons

The skies over the glass cube that serves as the entrance to the Apple store on Fifth Avenue turned a bit dark on Tuesday afternoon, at least for some shoppers inside. And a passing storm had nothing to do with it.

The sudden shadows were caused by bunches of balloons released by Greenpeace, the environmental advocacy group, in order to call attention to Apple’s use of coal power at its facilities.

Around 2:30 p.m., as if delivering birthday greetings, several Greenpeace demonstrators entered the cube clutching helium-filled balloons, which were the shape and color of charcoal briquettes.

As they neared the bottom of the cube’s stairs, they released the balloons, which hit the ceiling of the cube and lodged themselves in place. Other demonstrators came later with paper shopping bags filled with balloons, which they let trickle out as they entered the store, before being escorted out.

The stunt, which did not lead to any arrests, according to Greenpeace, was timed to coincide with last week’s release of a report that ranked the eco-friendliness of top technology companies. Apple’s “clean energy index” of 15 percent was below that of Google, with 39 percent, and Dell, with 56 percent.

Source: The New York Times

When issues with big corporations that directly affect us all go unquestioned or get shown no resistance, the problem only ever gets worse! The best way to express your concerns is through peaceful protests. Sitting on the sidelines and letting the rest of the world take care of the problem solves nothing!

At PEH we believe that one of the best ways to make a point or stage a protest is through fun and novel means where nobody gets hurt, but we get lots of attention.  The black balloons in Apple stores is a great example. Can you provide any examples of a fun protest you have seen, been involved in, or heard of?  Let us know!

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