Blue Whales Threat From Offshore Gas And Oil Exploration

by Nellie J

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has launched a campaign to protect the endangered Blue Whale. Blue Whales are under threat from offshore gas and oil exploration. According to the report, Blue Whales are disturbed through the disruptions caused by seismic exploration, as the species depends on sound for both communication and food location.


The group is lobbying for a safe habitat for the whales which will also include a non-commercial shipping area. The noise created by large ocean vessels is easily transferred through the sea and causes detrimental long term effects upon the already endangered whales.


 340,000 blue whales were killed in the last century. Today the few thousand that remain around Australia face a new threat – the expansion of the offshore oil and gas industry. IFAW is determined to secure critical blue whale habitat from harmful industry and increased shipping.

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The blue whale (scientific name Balaenoptera musculus) is the world’s largest animal, almost as big as a Boeing 737 and even larger than the biggest dinosaurs.

In Australian waters there are two subspecies of blue whales: the Antarctic or southern blue whale (sometimes known as the ‘true’ blue whale) and the pygmy blue whale.

Offshore oil and gas exploration

Every year the government announces new areas to be opened up for oil and gas exploration. The continued expansion of the industry into critical whale habitats is going unquestioned both publicly and within government. The cumulative effect of successive seismic surveys and increased shipping traffic in critical whale and dolphin habitat is not being taken into account and risks forcing endangered whales to avoid these areas or face potentially permanent damage to hearing which they rely on for finding food, mates and avoiding prey.

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The companies responsible for the oil and gas exploration get permits approved without the consent or knowledge of the public. Often the environmental impact studies are commissioned from within the corporation so as to bias the report towards the company responsible.

Blue Whales face extinction.

As the planet rapidly runs out of much needed fossil fuels, the search for new deposits become more desperate.

Many governments are handing out exploration permits like rubber stamps in a bid to satisfy the ever increasing need for energy.

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What do you think? Are you concerned that little is being done to protect Blue Whales in our oceans?

Do you think that we will see the end of Blue Whales in our life times? Do you think we should ban the slaughter of whales for “scientific purposes”?

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