Carbon Tax Most Australians Want It Scrapped

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A recent survey conducted in Australia has revealed that the majority of Australians do not agree with the governments implementation of a carbon tax… Democracy anyone?


The survey also revealed that the majority of Australians are also not that concerned about the idea of man made global warming.

Another independent survey discovered that most people are not aware that any carbon tax collected by global governments goes into a fund privately administered by Al Gore!

Most Australians disagree with the tax

AUSTRALIANS have turned on the carbon tax, with almost two-thirds of people opposed to pricing greenhouse gas emissions and an overwhelming majority backing Coalition plans to unravel the policy.

The findings confirm Australians are far less concerned about global warming than five years ago, with only a third of Australians supporting aggressive measures to tackle global warming – down from more than twice that figure in 2006.

The indication of public attitudes emerged in a snapshot of Australian opinion on key international issues in a poll conducted by the Sydney-based Lowy Institute. It finds people are tetchy about the changing world – sour on foreigners buying up Australian farms (81 per cent), and fiercely opposed to taking a global lead with the carbon tax (63 per cent).

Arguments that nuclear power is a clean alternative to fossil fuels would appear to have little chance, given the big drop in support for measures to tackle global warming.

Source: SMH

Whether or not you agree with the climate scientists view that carbon emissions are rapidly heating our planet, shouldn’t we at least be developing less polluting technologies?

I fail to see how making the average citizen pay carbon levies will have any impact upon the environment. All this increase in costs is going to do is develop poverty and debt.

Since when does money save the environment? It is change in attitude and behaviours that will make a difference.

There are many that are not convinced about anthropologically induced climate change and say that the planet is going through one of its climate cycles which has been going on for eons.

Global warming has given birth to a whole new industry. It seems that everyone is cashing in on the fear associated with some kind of cataclysmic event associated with this idea.

Most councils now have a climate change expert on the pay roll and many other departments and institutes have also employed the local climate change advisor to impart opinion at a cost.

If we are to face the future with any kind of sustainabilty, maybe we should impliment a breeding tax or stop paying people to have children as it is the population explosion that is having the greatest impact upon our planet!

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