Carpooling – Click, Ride And Save The Planet

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In 2001 three young University students from Wurzberg, Germany decided to tackle climate change and combat rising fuel costs, they had no idea that their concept of carpooling would hit the road with no stop signs!

With over 41,000 registered users within the first twelve months, carpooling was all set to become a major leader in the fight to establish a greener future and minimise the carbon footprint of its users!

Car Share Founders, Sharing their vision for a cleaner future!

By 2009, following a venture capital investment from Earlybird and a partnership with German automobile club ADAC, (the original carpooling platform for Germany) was bigger and more successful than ever. With global dominance as their ultimate goal, Reinicke, Weber and Siedler decided to expand into an international network in 2010 and was born. Markus Barnikel, previously of Yahoo! joined the company as CEO in 2011, in order to expand into new countries and make carpooling a convenient greener form of transportation  for all.

“European petrol prices, job insecurity and the general rising cost of living are factors we cite as encouraging people to consider carpooling (or car sharing as it is known in the UK). ”

“Does it matter that it is economical reasons which are encouraging users to try alternative, green transport modes? Or should the environmental community continue to encourage people who would not normally consider the green option to do so?” Says Abi Moore from

Today provides access to more than 650,000 rides across Europe and is continuing to grow exponentially.

Their mission is to make carpooling a reliable and convenient greener form of transport that is affordable and easy to access. With a few clicks, drivers can offer available seats in their car and passengers can find or book a trip.

“The concept is simple: by carpooling both passengers and drivers save money. Fuller cars  mean emptier streets, less traffic and less CO2 so everybody benefits.” Says Abi Moore from Car Pooling UK

“In terms of how we have improved safety, we have designed the system so that users can tailor their carpool to meet their personal security comfort thresholds. For example, we understand that some female users would prefer to only travel with female drivers or passengers so we introduced a ‘women for women’ advanced search option.”  Abi Moore told Planet Earth Herald.

This year the company looks forward to lots of exciting product releases including a new version of their very successful iPhone app, including a new intuitive messaging system and online payment.

News Source: Abi Moore (Car Pooling UK)

With the energy crises looming and rising oil prices, do you think that great ideas like carpooling could be a solution to help reduce CO2 emissions across the globe?

Do you think that concepts like carpooling will develop a sense of community when it comes to reducing carbon footprints?

Do you think carpooling will become almost “mandatory” as pollution, congestion and oil prices continue to rise?

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