Chemical Weapons Buried Under Construction Site

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The Scottish Environment Protection Agency is investigating claims that chemical weapons are buried near a proposed water treatment plant.

The weapons are a left over from disposal by the RAF during WW2. According to the report, the military knew about the risk to the general public all along but kept the report a secret.

Chemical weapons are amongst the most devastating of all war related tools, and the authorities should have taken appropriate measures to ensure their safe disposal.


Chemical weapons from aircraft dismantling

RAF Kinloss authorities knew the public could be at risk from chemical weapons buried near the base, according to documents obtained by BBC Scotland.

The Moray base is already the focus of an investigation into radioactive contamination.

A 2004 land quality assessment also warned sulphur mustard chemical weapons may be present within landfill and waste areas accessible to the public.

The MoD has said Kinloss is “suitable for its current use”.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) is investigating radioactive contamination at the site linked to the use of “glow in the dark paint” in WWII aircraft.

  This dated to an era when aircraft were broken up and scrapped and it is understood any chemical weapon materials would have been processed around the same time.

‘Potential risk’   A land quality assessment completed in 2004 warned a chemical weapons agent may be “present within landfill and waste tip areas located within the alienated land which is accessible to the general public”.

The chemical weapons agent was sulphur mustard, which can cause severe burns and is also known to cause cancer.

The risk of contamination was identified in an assessment before construction work began on a new pipeline for a water treatment project.

Source: BBC

When I see or hear of reports of this nature, I start to wonder: “How much of this kind of activity goes on around the globe?”

We have the information about one particular site… What about the rest? Are there secret chemical weapons dumps that we are not aware of?

Chemical weapons and biological weapons along with all weapons of mass destruction need to be stock piled and dismantled safely and immediately.

It seems ludicrous that we have within our means the potential to destroy the planet many times over.

Maybe as a species we could return to good old fashion warfare with a sword and some spears?

What about the idea that all modern conflicts are sorted out in virtual land with some sort of 3D computer warfare? I don’t know about you.. But I think that this kind of cover up raises some very serious questions?

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