Clouds Will Save The Skeptics From Global Warming!

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The climate change skeptics have thrown a curved ball into the arena this time with a very difficult theory that states “Clouds Will Cool The Planet”


The interesting part of the latest argument against human caused climate change is that the skeptics are starting to admit that we are in a warming cycle and it maybe caused by humans, but the clouds will act as a kind of insulation device that will moderate temperatures?

The fault in the latest argument is that there is not enough evidence to back this bold claim. Clouds and the role they play in climate change along with temperature modulation is still a mystery, according to scientists.

Clouds. The new icon for skeptics.

For decades, a small group of scientific dissenters has been trying to shoot holes in the prevailing science of climate change, offering one reason after another why the outlook simply must be wrong.

Over time, nearly every one of their arguments has been knocked down by accumulating evidence, and polls say 97 percent of working climate scientists now see global warming as a serious risk.

Yet in recent years, the climate change skeptics have seized on one last argument that cannot be so readily dismissed. Their theory is that clouds will save us.

They acknowledge that the human release of greenhouse gases will cause the planet to warm. But they assert that clouds — which can either warm or cool the earth, depending on the type and location — will shift in such a way as to counter much of the expected temperature rise and preserve the equable climate on which civilization depends.

Their theory exploits the greatest remaining mystery in climate science, the difficulty that researchers have had in predicting how clouds will change. The scientific majority believes that clouds will most likely have a neutral effect or will even amplify the warming, perhaps strongly, but the lack of unambiguous proof has left room for dissent.

Source: Anchorage Daily News

In a recent debate on Australia’s ABC we saw Nick Minchin failing to change our minds over climate change. In the end he could no longer deny that the earths temperature was increasing.

Minchin resolved in his rebuttal, that we ought to start focusing on less carbon intensive forms of energy, which was a huge plus for the environment.

When we start to see conservatives whom normally dismiss anything seen as “radical greeny hog wash” admitting that there might be a real problem… Change is just around the corner.

Do you think that the skeptics are getting desperate in a bid to cover their asses? Do you feel that by casting doubts on man made climate change that the skeptics are forcing scientist to become more thorough?

Do you believe that clouds will help to dismiss global warming? Are you aware of a phenomenon known as Global Dimming?

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