Coal Seam Gas Mining Depletes Water Basins

by Nellie J

A Queensland government study carried out amidst public out cry over the long term affects of Coal Seam Gas Mining, has revealed some interesting results.

The report found that water levels may be reduced in some cases by more than 20 meters. This raises new concerns about gas mining as many farmers rely on under ground water to irrigate their crops.

Interestingly enough, the mining companies assured the farmers that their operations would not have any impact on the water supply.

As the protests continue to try and ban the practice, the mining companies keep coming up with new campaigns to justify their actions.

Water... The source of all life!

A QUEENSLAND government report has found a definitive link between coal-seam gas mining and bore water levels, potentially leading to CSG companies having to make arrangements with farmers to make good the loss of water from 582 bore-water wells on the western Darling Downs.

CSG companies have in the past argued that their operations do not affect bore water used by farmers as the coal seams from which water – and then gas – is extracted are generally at a depth of around 800m, while most bore water used by farmers is drawn from the first 300m underground.

But a study released yesterday by the Queensland Water Commission found that out of the 21,000 private water bores currently being used in the main CSG mining area on the western Darling Downs, 85 are expected to be affected inside three years by gas exploration and 528 will be affected in the long term.

In practice, it means well levels will drop by more than five metres and some by more than 20m.

The draft report will be open to public feedback but if it is accepted by the Newman government, then under Queensland legislation the CSG companies will have to “make good” the loss of bore water resources in all 528 cases identified in the Surat Basin.

Source: The Australian

The report clearly states that some considerable consequence are a result of gas mining. So why continue? Gas mining companies in Queensland continue to run their comprehensive advertising campaigns that market themselves as some kind of messianic saviour that will make everyone rich in Queensland.

We all know that water is a valuable resource and without it we are dead. So why take any risks that could endanger our water for the sake of some short term mega profits?

It is estimated that within 50 years water will be the new oil. Some people fear that wars will be fought over the stuff. In many countries clean drinking water is in short supply and many people actually die either from thirst or drinking contaminated water.

Isn’t it about time that we start to see water for what it is… The source of all life!

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