Colombian Volcano Set To Blow Its Top In Return To 1985 Disaster!

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Colombians are preparing for an imminent eruption of Nevado del Ruiz Volcano with a high risk alert being issued by the Interior Ministry.  Steam and smoke can be see rising from the volcano as local residents attempt to flee the area.

Volcanic eruption soon to occur?

The Interior Ministry has ordered the fire departments of 19 municipalities in the central Caldas and Tolima departments to be on high alert after the Colombian Geological Survey (SGC) announced that an eruption is “probable” in the coming days or weeks.

The alert level was raised from yellow to orange in March as the volcano became increasingly active. Last week a column of gas and steam approximately 1,200 meters tall extended from its crater.

The national director of the firefighting system warned that there is urgent need for a special contingency plan that outlines tactics to be used in emergency volcanic situations, especially for search and rescue groups. He called for a focus on high risk areas in or near the paths of rivers that originate in the Ruiz, whose levels may be elevated by pyroclastic fragments and the melting of ice.

The director of the Colombian Fire Department Federation in the town of Riosucio explained that local firemen are preparing a plan and educating communities.

Source: Colombia Reports

The implications of a massive volcanic eruption are very significant. Not only can it disrupt International air traffic, but it can also disrupt and destroy many lives! A major volcanic eruption could be imminent… So be prepared.

How would you prepare for a volcano eruption?  What assistance should we be giving Colombia now? Are you concerned that this could be the first in many overdue volcanic activities?

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