Controversial Plastic Tax Proposed For Australia

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Source Herald Sun

The Green Party in Australia are pushing a controversial plastic tax. The tax is aimed at forcing consumers to recycle by paying a levy on all recyclable containers.


The move has been met with strong opposition from the AFGC (Australian Food and Grocery Council) Spokeswoman Jenny Pickles called on the government to abandon the plan, which she said was “another tax that will push up the cost of grocery bills for families”.

“Cost-of-living pressures are already hurting families. The last thing they need is another tax on basic groceries.

“Just as they’re dealing with hikes in electricity and gas bills, they’ll also have to pay more for milk (and) soft drinks, and beer could go up by an extra $4 a slab.” Source: Daily Telegraph

The Australian incumbent Environment Minister Tony Burke said that the tax will not be forced upon the states.

The scheme proposes that a tax will be collected from the sale of recyclable containers and when the consumer returns the container to a collection depot, the money will be refunded.

If the container is not returned, the government will keep the cash.

I remember as a kid, we used to collect aluminium cans by the 1000’s and take them to recycling stations, collected the cash and financed our football teams trip overseas.

The scheme may very well encourage the same activity, resulting in a more litter free environment?

As we continue to take resources from the earth with an attitude of abundance, a call for such schemes could be an answer to start reducing the amount of waste that takes its toll on our planet.

Plastic debris continues to pollute our oceans

A lot of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. The cost of the pollution is having a huge impact upon the already stressed ocean environment.

Despite the fear tactics raised by consumer groups, the cash for recycling scheme has already been quite successful in many countries; Belgium being the global leader.

What do you think?

Do we need to encourage recycling by hitting people where it hurts? Should recycling schemes be implemented globally as part of a campaign to reduce resource use and pollution?

Do you think that the cost of the scheme far outweighs the benefit to the environment?

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