Dinosaur Farts Caused Global Warming… Study Reveals

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Could you imagine the stench of a prehistoric Dinosaur fart? Well according to scientists Dinosaur farts where not only ripe, but they had a significant impact on climate change in the past. You might think that sounds like a lot of hot air.. But the amount of methane released from those popular yet extinct Dino’s, was huge!

Methane is considered to be the most powerful contributor to global warming and is also released not only by humans (In modest and discrete measures) but is also expelled into the atmosphere at and alarming rate by the Meat Industry and Coal Seam Gas Mining.

Dinosaur farts may have lead to their demise?

Dinosaurs’ gassy guts may have contributed to global warming tens of millions of years ago, according to a new study that finds a group of plant-eating dinosaurs could have produced about as much methane as all of today’s natural and man-made sources of the greenhouse gas.  

British researchers reported in Tuesday’s edition of the journal Current Biology that the methane emissions from sauropods far outstripped those of today’s cattle, goats and other cud-chewing mammals.

Sauropods were a diverse bunch of plant-eating dinosaurs, known for their small heads and giant bodies with long necks and tails. An average-sized sauropod — such as Apatosaurus louisae, once popularly known as brontosaurus — could weigh 44,000 pounds, making it several times bigger than an elephant.  

Like many modern herbivores, scientists think, sauropods probably hosted a diverse community of microbes in their guts to help break down and digest their food, producing methane in the process. In cattle and other ruminants, that gas is released in the form of burps and flatulence.  

Such emissions from modern-day cattle are considered a major source of the greenhouse gas, adding up to roughly 55 million to 110 million tons per year. Though carbon dioxide is more abundant in the atmosphere, methane is more than 20 times as effective at trapping heat, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Source: Boston Herald

Do you think that the lack of table manners clearly displayed by the Dinosaurs as they “let rip” could have contributed to their demise?

Are you concerned that the cultivation of cattle for meat consumption and the production of diary products is a generator of methane?

Is it time to start taking a serious look at the way we evolved our society into relying on such global warming intense industries and energy production methods?

Are the climate change guys just a bunch of old Dinosaur farts?

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