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Overpopulation is becoming a problem in modern day society. Currently there is over 7bn people in the world. This figure is expected to rise to 9bn by 2050. People and the Planet believe that providing people in 2nd and 3rd world countries with free contraception will help stop the world from becoming over populated. There are approximately 200 million women in the world with unmet contraception needs.

Birth Control Could Be The Answer To Overcrowding

Despite the fact fertility is declining almost everywhere, the population is growing at about 80 million per year because of to the demographic momentum in a large cohort of young people.

There are 7bn people in the world at the moment and the population is expected to be 9bn by 2050.

Sir John Sulston, who led the team behind People and the Planet, said the growing population in the developing world must be addressed as a key part of tackling rising carbon emissions and extinction of species.

He said voluntary family planning should be available to all. The Least Developed Countries could be provided with free contraception for just £7bn a year and developing countries could improve services with help from the rich world.

“There are at least 200 million women in the world who have an unmet need for contraception,” he said. “That is to say if someone was offering them the means, they would want it. It does not mean they don’t want children, they want the opportunity to space their children out.

“It is extremely good value for aid because it has such a good knock-on effect for women and children.”

Sir John also said consumption needs to be addressed in the developed world by encouraging people to use less fossil fuels. This could be done through switching to low carbon energy, improving technology and change in behaviour.

Developing countries will be building the equivalent of a city of a million people every five days from now until 2050, but this can be part of the solution by making sure these cities are sustainable by providing public transport and efficient buildings.

Sir John said the way that Gross Domestic Product should be replaced by a new measurement that takes into account natural capital in order to incentivise Governments to protect the environment.

Source: The Telegraph

Do you think that the world is becoming overcrowded? What amount of people can Planet Earth sustain? Should birth control be available to everyone? In terms of the environment, where does this issue rank? What kind of measures and responsibilities do we need to take to ensure a sustainable future?

In terms of food and energy, will we be able to sustain the populations current growth rate. Surely the earth’s population is a very hot topic. What do you think?

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