EARTH DAY: Religious Groups Respond With Faith

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A religious group recently created to combat global warming has been busy practicing their faith in an effort to raise awareness around man made climate change. The group calling themselves “Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light” Consists of a multi God based organisation.

Little light has been shed on the group so far, but we know that some of its members are Muslim, Buddhist and Christian. The group gathered in prayer to acknowledge Earth Day.

It seems that multiple Gods are needed!

MUNCIE — Lutherans, Presbyterians, Muslims and members of other congregations are mobilizing to address global warming, which organizers of today’s Earth Day event on the National Mall call one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

The worshipers have formed a Delaware County Chapter of Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light, a faith response to climate change. Members of the Jewish, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Methodist and the Baha’i faith also are involved in the local chapter.

The group is promoting energy efficiency during a time — according to the Purdue Climate Research Center — of growing scientific certainty but decreasing public belief in climate science.

That’s the part of responding to climate change that Jennifer Rice-Snow, a member of High Street United Methodist Church and founder of the local chapter, dislikes.

“Politics makes it a lot harder to do things,” she said. Some people “are seeing me as introducing politics into the church when I want to talk about it. I’m being a Democrat.”

According to the Hoosier Environmental Council, it’s especially difficult to fight climate change in Indiana.

Source: Star Press

Its great to see that God has finally come on board to help combat climate change! It is also great to see that the various religious groups can put their beliefs aside and unite for a common cause?

Do you think that this is a positive step towards ending climate change… Or is it just a bunch of God fearing religious people finding a new way of converting the non believer through such a controversial topic?

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