Energy From Wind Doughnut Powers Villages

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Giant doughnut shaped blimps could soon be providing green energy to remote locations. The blimps are filled with helium and hover at high altitudes where the constant stream of wind used to rotate its turbines is in no short supply. The energy output of the “Power Doughnut” is not as high as its old fashioned fossil fuel burning counterparts. With technology advancements combined with manufacturing updates, we could see the blimps providing cheap and green electricity well into the future.

So if you see a giant doughnut hovering over your city or village soon, don’t call NASA reporting that you have seen a UFO… Just relax knowing that you are witnessing the dawn of the new age in energy production!

Wind blimp... Not a UFO!

A helium-filled, doughnut-shaped blimp with a wind turbine for its filling may soon be the go-to power source for remote villages and industrial operations.

“Definitely one of our use cases is providing a consistent, reliable source of power in remote communities and island nations,” Ben Glass, who invented the turbine at MIT, told me on Thursday. Glass is now chief executive of Altaeros Energies, a spinoff company he founded to commercialize the technology.

The blimp-like contraption can produce about 100 kilowatts of electricity, enough to power around 40 average homes in the United States. In remote areas already accustomed to a limited power supply, there should be even more bang for the kilowatt, Glass noted.

While the output of the Airborne Wind Turbine is significantly less than the industrial-scale 1.5-megawatt wind turbines you see popping up like weeds in the windy sections of the country, they begin to make financial sense in remote, off-grid locations.

Source: MSN

With the growing cost of energy production not only financially but also environmentally; do you think that this kind of technology address the problem in an exciting and innovative way?

If you had hundreds of these blimps hovering over your town… Would you them as an eye sore?

What would be the effective ways of managing the blimps during high velocity wind events such as hurricanes?

Are you concerned that the blimps may get used by Governments to spy on their citizens?

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