Environment-Friendly Workspaces On The Rise

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More and more people everyday are making sure that they practice environmentally friendly routines in their homes. When it comes to the workplace, little is being done to conserve energy or to recycle.

At home we make sure that we turn off lights if they are not needed, we go for energy efficient appliances and generally make a good effort to reduce our carbon footprint and also cut down on our power bills.

In the office it is a different story… We don’t care who foots the bill… Well that is about to change according to some designers.

Green office spaces on the rise

Every year despite thousands being spent on educating people on sustainability and living in a green environment, how much of it do we practice at the workplace? Statistics suggest that an average worker spends 70 per cent of his time in the office, leading up to almost 40 per cent of CO2 emissions from usage of power. As a solution to this problem, in came green office spaces. With increasing efforts on behalf of the UAE government and several private organisations, more and more sustainable offices are springing up in all emirates across the country.

“Sustainability lost some momentum for cost reasons when the global economy was hit with recession, but things are looking up,” said Ben Corrigan, principal designer and partner at Bluehaus Group, an interior design consultancy.  Corrigan and other experts spoke at a panel discussion taking note of “Local Perspective on Sustainable Design” at the Office Exhibition, which took place last week. The Office Exhibition, in partnership with research company YouGov, surveyed 1,172 CEOs and directors from across the MENA region, to find out the extent a supplier’s office setting influences their procurement decisions. According to the findings, untidy, smelly and poorly designed offices cost Middle East companies, on average, Dh2 million in revenue.

Source: Khaleejtimes

Most of us probably never even give thought to the amount of carbon and waste being produced in the workplace, as we are usually so busy working.

Many business’s say that it is cheaper to practice existing methods rather than going green. At what point will we see the cost to the environment as a real cost that goes beyond financial burden?

Does your workplace implement any environmentally friendly practices?

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