Exclusive Interview With The Shark Guy

Exclusive Interview With The Shark Guy By Nellie J

by Nellie J

In a world first, I got to speak to The Shark Guy recently whilst on the Gold Coast, Australia. The Shark Guy is an environmental activist who is passionate and active in saving the worlds shark population from becoming extinct.

As you can see in the clip above The Shark Guy is not afraid of getting up close and personal with these powerful animals.


Nellie J:

Describe what it is that you are trying to achieve…

Shark Guy:

I am sending out the “S.O.S.” (Save Our Sharks, Save Our Seas, Save Our Selves) to everybody. I am trying to expose the floored fear based belief system that humanity has towards sharks. They are not the man eaters that we believe them to be and they desperately need our help.

Without our help, We will see the total extinction of sharks from our oceans within 20 years or less at the current rate of finning.

Nellie J:

So what is “Finning” and how does it impact shark populations?

Shark Guy:

Shark Finning is the harvesting of shark fins cut from live sharks for the purpose of human consumption. The fins are used to make shark fin soup which is served in restaurants around the world. The demand for the fins by the restaurants has fueled thousands of long lining trawlers which operate around the globe… Decimating shark populations.

It is estimated by scientists that over 80% of the worlds shark population has now been destroyed in the past decade due to shark finning.

Nellie J:

In the video you shared with us, we see you interacting with a shark, weren’t you scared?

Shark Guy:

My belief system, which is honest and true, has not been corrupted by the scare campaign sensationalised by the media in such movies as “Jaws”. So to answer your question… No! I was not scared, however this is a wild animal, capable of inflicting a pretty serious bite, so of coarse I was cautious.

As you can see from the video, we (the shark and I) were both happy to share a moment of peaceful interaction between two species.

Nellie J:

As the Shark Guy… What are your plans for the future?

Shark Guy:

To dive with sharks and film as much as possible I am sending out the S.O.S. raising awareness around these beautiful creatures. I am currently making a 20 minute short film to be released soon. I  try to spend as much time out on my boat “STILLgotARMSandLEGS” diving and swimming with sharks.

You can follow The Shark Guy on facebook by Clicking on this link The Shark Guy

You can send a message to the Environment Minister to express your disdain towards Shark Finning.

You can show your support by avoiding all shark products including “flake”.

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What do you think? Is the Shark Guy crazy?

Would you swim with sharks to save the oceans?

Have you seen a shark in the wild?

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