Free Electricity Is Just Around The Corner

by Editor

Free electricity anyone? In a stunning talk at, entrepreneur Justin Hall-Tipping shows the materials that could make the creation of free energy possible in the not too near distant future.

Justin Hall and his innovative team of researchers have discovered that carbon nanotubes when concentrated into thin perspex like sheets can produce electricity.

The technology can be placed upon windows of buildings to convert infrared waves into a flow of electrons! In this stunning clip, Justin explains how the technology could change the way we create and share electricity!

When I see stories or technology like this, I cannot be anything else but inspired! It seems that the future holds some very amazing and brilliant solutions for the energy problems that we face today.

Carbon nanotube technology is in its early developmental stage. At this point in time the manufacturing costs are much too high to make this technology viable.


Where will the power companies put the meter?

As the research is continued we will see some stunning breakthroughs in the generation of free electricity and also in the reduction of the cost of manufacturing such devices.

The only problem I see is the power companies themselves. Imagine if we had free electrical energy that could be transmitted without wires. The powers that be would have a meltdown. Where will they put the meter?

What do you think about the idea of free energy and is the world ready for such a thought?


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