Global Warming Hoax Is All Hot Air For Government Control

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Whether you believe in anthropological global warming or not… There are many people out there whom simply do not. A recent address to the Ohio University by Robert M. Wagner suggests that man made global warming is in fact an idea put forward by governments to gain further control over peoples lives.


There are also many other groups and individuals that claim that the global warming lie has been propagated through popular media as a way of uniting people through a common enemy.

The climate change debate was originally made popular by Margaret Thatcher when she introduced the concept to disseminate industrial action during her reign as prime minister of the UK.

Climate Change as a means of control?

Robert M. Wagner of the group Conservative Cavalry, in an appearance at Ohio University Thursday evening, suggested the notion of human-caused global warming is mainly a cover for intrusive government regulation.

“If you really boil it down, [the climate change debate] is about control,” Wagner said. “How can we maximize and centralize the power to make all your decisions for you?”

Wagner was invited to speak by the OU College Republicans as a part of their “Conservative Week” event series.

While Wagner has done these presentations multiple times before, often at Tea Party and Libertarian functions, he suggested he always faces criticism from the climate scientists whom he challenges.

An Ohio State climate scientist provided that service in the aftermath of Wagner’s presentation. “He has absolutely no training as a climate scientist,” said Lonnie Thompson, a distinguished professor in the School of Earth Sciences and a research scientist in the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University.

Source: Athen News

Many other skeptics and scientists alike, see the changes in the earths climate as part of a natural cycle that the planet goes through and has nothing to do with CO2 levels.

Al Gore.. Convenient lies?

A study of polar ice samples revealed that there was in fact no previous correlation between CO2 levels and increased global temperatures.

According to some groups the climate change debate is basically a scare tactic that is being used by secretive organisations such as the Bilderberg group, to bring about a world government based on fear and to strip away civil liberties in the name of environmental preservation.

Whether or not you believe in man made climate change, the positive outcome of the debate is that we are seeing more awareness being raised regarding the environment. We are also seeing tougher measures being introduced to industry in an effort to curb pollution.

I remain open minded about the debate. What do you think? Is climate change a hoax and is it being used for governments to gain more control?

For more thoughts on this subject (climate change hoax) see the video in the top right of this page.

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