Green Smartphone App On The Way To Israel

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The Environmental Protection Ministry has launched a green app that is freely downloadable. Called “lets think green” the app teaches its users the benefits of green consumerism. Languages it is available in are; Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic. The app, which uses famous actors to voice important green messages, makes its users think about everyday choices like driving a car and what environmental impact they may be having on planet earth.

Israeli Government Launches First App

The Environmental Protection Ministry has launched a free, downloadable smartphone application to teach users the benefits of green consumerism.

The app, called “Environment – Lets think green,” attempts to guide consumers through different types of green behaviors that will ultimately save people money. It will be available for use in Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic.

Users of the application receive on-screen guidance from actor Tal Friedman, who, along with a wig of neon-green grass, became the face for the Environmental Protection Ministry’s “Let’s Think Green” campaign last year. The new application is the first such smartphone program to be launched by an Israeli government office, according to the Environmental Protection Ministry.

“After years in which we grew accustomed to advertisements that encourage us to consume more, we are standing on the same stage and calling for smart consumerism,” Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan said in a statement released by his office.

“We will continue to turn to members of the public in every place where they are found – through television, through Internet and through smartphones – in order to increase the awareness that through small behavioral changes each one of us can save hundreds of shekels per month and reduce environmental impact.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

What are your thoughts on green smartphone applications. Do they do more harm than good? What additional benefits do they give that a traditional website doesn’t?

Smartphone companies such as Google and Apple, talk about their interactivity.  Would you download this app? Would it change your behaviour?

Would you like to see a version of the app available for iPhones?

Or is it more carbon being emitted into the universe? After all the internet is one of the largest emitters of carbon.

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