Grey Water To Be Used In New UK Homes Despite Record Rain Fall

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Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman believes that Great Britain should follow Germany’s lead and start to used recycled water in homes. In fact she believes that new homes should be designed with this purpose in mind. Her comments come after Britain has had one of it’s wettest Aprils in history, with record rain fall and flooding across the country. Questions remain over the hygiene of “grey water”. Authorities believe that the water is clean and a change in mind set is all that is required from the UK public.

London To Embrace Grey Water In New Homes

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman spoke out as Britain emerged from its wettest April in more than a century.

She claimed new properties should be designed to recycle “grey water” that has already been used by homeowners for washing in — as is happening now in Germany.

Mrs Spelman said: “We have an opportunity with new-build homes to re-engineer the way water is supplied to the household. It’s perfectly possible to use rainwater for non-potable uses.

“I think in times to come, as part of building resilience, we will look to use grey water systems more widely.”

Source: The Sun

Do you think grey water is hygienic? Would you like to use recycled water in your house?

Do you think people are too precious when it comes to using recycled water? Is it a reality of the 21st century?

Some people believe that water is our most precious resource. Even more precious than oil. What do you think?

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