Illegal Logging To Be Targeted By World Bank

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Once again we see the profiteers take candy from a baby. Illegal logging companies are offering trinkets and food to indigenous peoples in return for their forests!

These greedy business people whom only have their own personal selfish motives at heart, could come under the microscope of the World Bank in a bold move to try and put an end to illegal logging!

It is estimated in some countries that over 90 percent of all timber being harvested is done so illegally.

World Bank to target illegal logging!

Anthropologist Alberto Chirif, quoted by IDL, said “the loggers offer the indigenous [population] overvalued goods for undervalued timber. When they exhaust [the wood supply] in one community, they head to another. Sometimes they pay them little, other times nothing. Sometimes they are paid in food, other times in drink. They are not rubber barons: they are timber harvesters, unforgiving loggers. They are not termites, although they seem like it. They prefer to call themselves businessmen.”

“Here companies resemble gangs more than businesses,” said Chirif. “There aren’t logger businessmen: they are forest raiders … I don’t know what else to call them. There isn’t even a notion of capitalism. The idea is to find what can be robbed fastest, until that resource is gone. A real businessman would try to take care of his resources and would be interested in its long-term development. They extract wood with the same mentality used to mine copper.”

The World Bank has also set its sights on this illegal business, stating that “the exploitation of illegal timber in some countries accounts for up to 90 percent of logging and generates at least US$10 billion to $15 billion in illegal profits.” The World Bank is in agreement with the EIA and IDL that in Peru, 80 percent — 98 percent in some Amazonian departments, like Loreto — of logging is illegal and is connected to corruption at the highest levels of government.

Source: Eurasia Review

Combined with the recent report on Trees Dying At Alarming Rate do you think that we can afford to keep decimating the forests.

Does it surprise you that the World Bank has stepped up the plate on this one and can we see this as a sign that economic giants are starting to see the planet as a finite resource?

I find it absolutely disgraceful that business people can manipulate traditional land owners on such a basic level and think that it is o.k!

Should we be focusing on creating specific “artificial forests” in order to maintain a healthy timber supply… Or do we need to develop much more efficient ways of recycling timber that has already been harvested?

Do we need to abandon the timber industry altogether and look for alternative means?

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