Japans Radiation Leaks Affecting Childrens Health

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The Japanese government is keeping the ill health and side affects caused by the Fukushima Nuclear disaster a big secret! Children seem to be the worse affected with many cases of cardiovascular diseases not being reported in the press. The Japanese Government has also raised the acceptable radiation level to combat fears associated with the leaks prior to allowing citizens back into the affected zone.

It wouldn’t be the first time a Government has kept such information suppressed in order to cover up its mismanagement or blunders.

Children worst hit by radiation cover up!

A media professor at Akia University in Japan has claimed that children in his country are suffering serious medical problems as a result of last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster.

In an interview on Work Week Radio (which works with Project Censored), Prof. Akira “Lazy Cat” Murakami linked the leak of radiation to kids have suffering nosebleeds, skin diseases, short tempers, and cardiovascular diseases.

Murakami said that the Japanese mainstream media is not covering the impacts, but this information is being disseminated to Japanese people through cyberspace.   “Our food regulations are quite loose,” Murakami said. “We have only spot inspections.”

He called on Americans to do whatever they can to shut down remaining nuclear reactors.

“This planet could not afford another Chernobyl or another Fukushima,” he said.

Source: Straight.com 

What do you think?

Do the people of Japan or indeed the rest of the World have the right to honest and accurate information regarding the horrific affects of such a disaster?

Should a full third party investigation take place into the cover up?

Many Scientists and experts are stating that the Planet cannot afford another massive radiation leak such as Chernobyl or Fukushima as the radiation from such events disseminates rapidly across the entire Planet!

Interestingly enough is the fact that carbon dating time measurements sets the present as 1950 as the radiation level of the globe has risen so high, that any time after that date gives an inaccurate result!

Should we dismantle all nuclear power plants immediately and start to develop safer means of generating power?

The interview with Prof. Akira “Lazy Cat” Murakami is featured in the top right hand corner of this report.

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