Lab Meat Set To Reduce Climate Change

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A group of Scientists at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, are working hard on producing meat in the laboratory! The project has already produced sausage meat and is now heading for the humble hamburger. The meat industry is one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases on the planet which Al Gore conveniently forget to mention in his award winning documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ .

With over farming and population growth an ever increasing problem, “cultured meat” could be a solution for those people who just cant go without their burger but still want to help reduce global warming.

What will McDonalds call their new Burger... The McFrankenstein?

By September of this year, scientists at Maastricht University in the Netherlands will produce hamburger meat and have already produced sausage. Although this may not sound appealing to the average meat eater, it really does make sense if you think about it. With the costs of factory farming techniques always on the rise and the world’s booming population, in vitro meat just might be the latest and greatest technology needed to feed the future world.

Professor Mark Post, a physiologist at Maastricht University, said at a recent science convention in Canada that synthetic meat could reduce the environmental impact caused by the meat industry by up to 60 percent.

“We would gain a tremendous amount in terms of resources,” said Post. The professor added that the ultimate goal is to mass-produce lab meat in order to cut back on animal slaughter and global warming caused by livestock farming.

At the University of British Columbia, professor Sean Smukler believes that the lab-grown meat will be a good solution for keeping up with the high demand for food all while taking it easy on the environment.

“It will help reduce land pressures,” Smukler told BBC News. “Anything that stops more wild land being converted to agricultural land is a good thing.”

The president of Earthsave Canada, David Steele, said that these benefits could be achieved if people just ate less meat.

Source: The Weekender

What do you think?

Would you eat lab meat if it reduced climate change and helped to save valuable resources? Do you think that we eat too much meat? Are you concerned about the animal cruelty associated with the meat industry? Did you know that eating meat is bad for the environment?

Should we be developing new high tech environmentally friendly sources of protein.. Or should we just eat fish? Is protein over rated in our culture?

What will McDonalds call their new Burger… The McFrankenstein?

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