Leading Counterterrorism Agency Spying On Protest Group

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Big Brother is watching you!

Standing up for your beliefs and taking some action can be dangerous! According to various news sources ASIO (Australian equivalent to the FBI) has been spying on peaceful protesters as they show their disdain for coal mining.

The agency has justified its actions saying that they are protecting the nation from possible power supply disruptions, also protecting the export sector from possible loss of financial gains.

The information gathered is to be handed over to the Feds so that they can better enable energy companies to handle the increasing anti-coal industry protests.


Big Brother is watching you!

AUSTRALIA’S leading counter-terrorism agency has been providing intelligence to the federal Labor government on anti-coal mining groups.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s involvement in monitoring of environmental campaigners comes after the Resources and Energy Minister, Martin Ferguson, warned protests at power stations and coal export terminals could have ”life-threatening” consequences and ”major trade and investment implications”.

Security officials have privately suggested environmental activists pose greater threats to energy infrastructure than terrorists. However, confirmation that ASIO has been monitoring and advising on security issues arising from ”issues-motivated activism” has caused tensions between federal Labor and their parliamentary allies, the Greens.

The Greens’ leader, Bob Brown, said yesterday it was ”intolerable that the Labor government was spying on conservation groups” and condemned the ”deployment of ASIO as a political weapon” against peaceful protests.

‘Martin Ferguson is incorrigible. But it’s not just Ferguson. It’s the  cabinet, it’s the Labor government that’s happy to use the police and ASIO  against community groups, against ordinary people, on behalf of foreign-owned  mining corporations,” Mr Brown said.

The Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism on Tuesday confirmed ASIO’s  role in advising on security issues relating to anti-coal mining protests when  the department refused to release under freedom of information a December 2010  ministerial brief on the possible disruption of energy infrastructure.

News Source: SMH.COM

What do you think?

Should people be allowed to protest peacefully about issues that concern us all without the threat of having a secret file created on their behalf?

Have we taken the whole anti-terrorism thing too far? Does having your say make you anti-national?

Be careful…Big Brother is watching you…..

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