London’s Cleanest Air Conveniently Next To Air Pollution Monitors

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In a sneaky stealth campaign to appear to be green, London Mayor Boris Johnson has been accused of cleaning up areas around air pollution monitoring booths.  The suspicious technique of spraying glue to the ground in order to have air pollutants stick to the ground rather than in the air has been utilised by the London City Council as a method to get the city clean for the Olympics, but the key areas targeted are those around air monitoring booths.

London’s Cleanest Air Conveniently Next To Air Pollution Monitors

Green candidate says mayor is ‘burying problem’ by using suppressant vehicles to glue particles near monitoring stations.

Jenny Jones, the Green mayoral candidate for London, has accused mainstream political parties of lacking the political courage to tackle air pollution – despite strong evidence that it represents a major public health risk.

Jones issued a broadside against the political mainstream as she battles to get London’s poor air quality a hearing at mayoral hustings between now and polling day, amid evidence that a problem invisible to the naked eye is now the second biggest public health risk in Britain after smoking, and is linked to around one in five deaths a year in London.

Source: The Guardian

In our opinion the problem lies with too many people in one spot!  Diversify the population and you address a large chunck of the problem of pollution.  One method available to the government would be to spread government department (and thus their workers) throughout England.  Surely a smart government public servant could realise that using modern technology can replace the need for face-to-face meetings.  When government spreads so will the private sector.  Tell us whether you have seen such a model in reality?  Are there example countries where the government has decentralised?

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