Mayan Prophecy 2012 The Message Is Clear

by Editor

We have all heard the doomsday soothsayers proclaiming apocalyptic visions of what will happen on December 21 2012.


According to the fatalists… The world is coming to some kind of end.

The ancestors of the Ancient Mayans however have a different prophecy and vision for our planet. The Mayan people believe that a shift in consciousness will be brought on by the passing of the age and that mankind will have a new way of thinking about the environment.

No longer owned by the ancestors.

Forced out of sustainable farmland by corporations and governments, the Mayan ancestors message is quite clear… “The Earth is Not For Sale!”

The Mayan people are no longer permitted to hold ceremonies at their spiritual and cultural sites as these sites are now owned by the government and available for tourism purposes.

In this documentary the Mayan people talk about the real meaning of the prophecies as passed down through the ages from their ancestors.

The prophecy is quite clear… ‘We need to change our ways and attitudes if we are to survive as a species.”

Many Mayan peoples have been forced off the land and into housing estates where they have been bludgeoned into joining the western system of capitalism.

Forced off the land by mining and corporations

No longer able to work the land for food, the Mayans now have to earn money to buy food and pay for goods and services which were previously supplied by coexistence within the bounds of nature.

Protesting is deemed criminal and many Mayan leaders have been assassinated for environmental activism.

As we see cultures displaced by mining and forestry industries, much of the ancient wisdom’s and traditions that have been passed down through the generations is destroyed.

There is one message that has survived the cultural degradation of the Mayan people and that is “We must live in harmony with the environment and stop seeing the planet as an infinite resource!”

I hope for our sake that the Mayan people are right about the true meaning of the prophecy and that mankind is propelled into a new state of hope and awareness!

What are your thoughts on the Mayan prophecies and do you think that we need to take heed of the warnings?

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