New Religion – The Eco Extremist Cometh

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As we see a growing number of people becoming concerned about the environment and global warming… A new breed of Eco extremists is starting to take things very seriously in India. Not content with the plethora of local Gods that require regular bouts of flagellation and an endless stream of sweetly smelling incense smoke, the locals of towns like Delhi have turned their passion for matters spiritual into a practical application of Eco extremism!

Behold ye sinners… A new God has been born!

The new religion is saving the environment.

Amidst the rough and tumble of city life, a new religion is gradually taking shape across India’s concrete jungles. For a growing tribe of urban dwellers, nature is the god they worship; a god at whose altar they’re willing to sacrifice the perks and pleasures of a metropolitan lifestyle.

Like Mumbai boy Chintan Siriya and his wife Monika, who will go thirsty all day but won’t drink water packaged in plastic bottles. Conscious about not generating plastic waste, they even carry their own vessels to the kirana store while buying grain so that the shopkeeper does not have to use plastic packets. “While this amuses shopkeepers, they are also grateful to us as they spend Rs 2,000 a month on plastic bags,” says Chintan (27). And every time he sees people littering in local trains, he gently holds their hand, takes the litter from them and places it in his own bag. This usually elicits a profuse apology.

Back home, the couple line their dustbins with brown paper bags, but plan to switch to washable ‘umbrella-cloth’ bags. Much of Chintan’s dramatic lifestyle – from turning vegan overnight to refraining from using the geyser while bathing – was part of a birthday resolution in September 2010. Not only does he bathe in cold water all year round, the couple also makes it a point to skip their daily shower in a bid to conserve water. “Neither wild animals nor pets need a bath every day,” Monika explains . “It’s an unnecessary social ritual.” When they do bathe, the couple does not use soap, opting instead for soap-nut (ritha).

They’re not the only ones to shun synthetic soap. Chennai couple Preethi Sukumaran and Srinivas Krishnaswamy makes their own organic soap, shampoo, detergent, floor-cleaner and dish-washing fluid. Both IIM graduates, they were pursuing successful careers in the FMCG sector when they realised that their jobs promoting consumer goods were not in sync with their personal beliefs about conserving the environment. “In 2009, we quit our jobs and began working towards creating organic detergent ,” says Srinivas. The couple spent a year studying the science behind using ritha as detergent . They zeroed in on an organic farm in Andhra Pradesh that grew ritha and worked hard to create the detergent powder.

Source: India Times

As the planet rapidly approaches some kind of environmental epoch, do you think that we will see a lot more of this kind of devotion to saving the planet?

Do you see devout application of environmentally friendly principals as extreme?

Do you think that we should actually start a new religion that worships the planet? On the other hand, should established Church groups begin some pro-active environment policy to ‘Spread the Word”

Maybe their is something in Pagan religions who have been worshipping the earth and all of the nature spirits for centuries!

If the planet is at the stage that many environmental studies have revealed, is it too late for change or should we just start praying to the Gods, just in case?

What do you think?

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