Nuclear Energy – Global Demand Remains High

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The fact remains that nuclear energy power plants are dangerous. Despite the fact, emerging economic powers such as India and Pakistan are expressing continued interest in building more nuclear energy facilities. The cost of producing energy fron nuclear power plants is relatively low compared to other energy sources.

The cost to the environment when one of the nuclear power plants has a problem remains high. At what point do the decisions to build a nuclear power plant as opposed to solar or wind out weigh the environmental and danger element that is associated with nuclear energy?


Despite the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster that hit Japan last year, the global appetite for nuclear energy remains largely unchanged as emerging economic powers are set to account for much of the growth in worldwide electricity demand in the coming decades, a U.S. think tank expert said at a recent seminar in Tokyo.

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Jane Nakano (right) from the Center for Strategic and International Studies talks about global demand for nuclear energy during a June 13 seminar in Tokyo while Akihiro Sawa with the 21st Century Public Policy Institute listens.

The United States also has not wavered from its recent moves to resume construction of nuclear power plants for the first time since the Three Mile Island accident in 1979. However, the future of the U.S. nuclear power industry will hinge on various other factors, including price competition with domestically produced natural gas, Jane Nakano said.

Nakano, a research fellow with the energy and national security program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, was speaking at the seminar organized by the Keizai Koho Center on June 13 to discuss the global prospects for nuclear energy and U.S. energy policy….More at Japan Times

As advances continue to become available for safer methods of producing energy, wouldn’t it make sense for governments to invest in these technologies?

Has the world lost its mind when it comes to nuclear energy? As we see the global demand increase for electricity… Do you think that the super powers like the U.S. and China will start to build nuclear energy plants to meet the needs of their countries?

I hope not… What do you think?

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