Overpopulation: The Route Of All Environmental Evil

by Editor

I challenge you to name one environmental issue that is not at its core due to the overpopulation of this planet!  Whether it’s climate change, pollution, peak oil, or endangered species, when you boil it down to its route cause you will find that the problem is simply too many people on this rock.  And the crazy thing is that none of use really wants more of us around!

London 2024?

Forty years after a multi-year bi-partisan government commission recommended slowing U.S. population growth and eventually stabilizing, Americans still would like to see it happen, according to poll results to be released this weekend at the 2012 Earth Day Dallas festival.

“On the 40th anniversary of that landmark event in the early environmental movement, we wanted to know if Americans today share that commission’s conclusion that massive U.S. population growth is harmful to the environment and unwanted by the citizenry,” said Roy Beck, president of the NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation which commissioned the national poll by Dallas-based Pulse Opinion Research.

The new poll found that Americans aren’t happy that the population has never stopped expanding (from just over 200 million in 1970 to more than 300 million); 52 percent say the extra 100 million has damaged the environment, contrasted to 6 percent who say it brought improvement.

  • The new poll found only 10 percent of U.S. voters approve the current rate of growth that the Census Bureau states will double U.S. population from 313 million today to over 600 million by the end of the century.
  • Given two other options, 35 percent of Americans chose cutting the rate of growth in half, and 46 percent said they would prefer no more population growth at all.
  • Of the nearly half of Americans who want no more population growth, one of four said they would like to see the population slowly become smaller to the 250 million size of 1990, and one of six preferred the 200 million size of 1970.

Source: EP

What are your thoughts on managing population growth?  Given that China has had in place a one-child policy for several decades now, is it time also for other over populated countries to follow suit? Should we start a financial incentive scheme for prospective parents? Is having as many children as you like a basic human right?

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