Peak Oil. Are We There Yet?

Peak Oil: The End Of The Road For Oil Energy

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As we continue to be a fossil fuel dependant global society, the full impact of the fast encroaching “peak oil” crises is yet to be felt.


The development and the growth of our modern world has been totally reliant upon the burning of a non-renewable energy source that was created millions of years ago.

It is estimated that we have already used half of the worlds oil reserve in the past century. As the worlds population continues to expand exponentially, the demand for fossil fuels, oil and petroleum bi products increases alongside the growth.

peak oil is an impending crises we have known of for decades.

Peak oil… Are we there yet?

Peak oil production is a term used to describe the point in time when the maximum rate of global oil extraction has been reached.

Many of the alternatives to fossil fuels as an energy source are still under developed, making them inefficient and not economically viable at this point in time.

We have become totally reliant on oil as an energy source to sustain our society. We use petroleum products to manufacture just about everything that we use. Massive amounts of oil are consumed for food production and it delivery to the stores.

Modern society will face a challenge in the coming decades that will go down in history as the biggest crises man has faced.

Many people turn a blind eye to the fact that peak oil is almost here and once it is reached we will see catastrophic changes to our opulent lifestyles.

Some of the biggest changes we will see as we approach peak oil include:

  • Food shortages
  • Electricity supply interruptions
  • Massive unemployment
  • Civil unrest
  • Loss of essential services

The fact of the matter is we have known about this forthcoming crises for decades, yet little has been done by governments or industry to research and develop alternatives.

We are leaving little or no resources behind for the future inhabitants of our planet. The coming generations may look back on this period of time as a time of ignorance and greed.

Watch the compelling documentary at the top of this article for  more information about fossil fuel and peak oil production.

What are your thoughts on the future of our planet and the peak oil crises?

What are you thoughts on the featured documentary? Is enough being done at this point in history to avert the impending peak oil global energy crises?

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