Polar Bears Are Our Global Pollution Gauge

by Editor

Polar Bears are currently being studied by scientists as the proverbial “canary in a coal mine” to obtain data about the current effects of pollution on our planet.


Polar Bears are top predators.

Polar Bears are top predators feeding on many different types of species from the sea. These different species feed on other animals lower down the food chain which eventually source their food from Plankton.

Scientists have discovered high levels of chemical pollution in Polar Bears that is thought to originate from industries such as mobile phone and computer manufacturing.

All of the biproducts and waste from the disposal of outdated consumer items, eventually ends up in the ocean then makes its way into the food chain via Plankton.

Phytoplankton uses oil to float.

Plankton is responsible for creating about 50 percent of the earths oxygen supply. Plankton relies on an oil like substance to maintain buoyancy so as it can float near the surface and carry out photosynthesis.

The chemicals are said to dissolve the oil causing the Plankton to sink and eventually die.

Many birth defects are now being observed in Polar Bears due to the toxic substances that they are consuming. Some of the defects include deformed genitalia and a weakened immune system.

Scientists involved in the research are hoping to gather enough evidence to bring about change in modern manufacturing and more environmentally safe disposal systems.

Are you concerned about the current state of our oceans? Do you think enough is being done to stop ocean pollution?

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