Recycled Cardboard Bicycle Set To Clean Up

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When designer and bicycle enthusiast Izhar Gafni became inspired after hearing about a canoe made entirely of recycled cardboard, the engineers thought he was crazy.

(Credit: Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

After several prototypes the Israeli inventor came up with the worlds first fully functional recycled cardboard push bike!

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese art of origami, he noticed that every time he folded the cardboard it gain strength. After several designs Izhar finally was happy with his recycled cardboard bicycle.

The cost of the bike is around $9.00 and is coated with a material to protect it from the elements and give extra strength to the design.

The design is set to make it’s way into the hands of bicycle enthusiasts around the globe in the near future, it will be inexpensive but won’t last as long as a traditional bike.

In the future we may see hoards of people cutting down on pollution by cycling to work on their shiny recycled cardboard push bike.

As the world runs out of resources, it is refreshing to see innovators like Izhar tackle the problem head on.

Imagine a world where everything is recycled and modes of transport don’t pollute the environment.

What do you think about the pushbike?

Would you ride one?

Do you think that ideas like this are just fantastic? We do!

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