Republicans Vs Democrats On Energy Issues

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The two major political parties in the US are at polar opposites regarding the energy debate. The Republican party is pushing to start more oil drilling and exploration despite the environmental consequences.


At the other end of the pole, the Democrats are pushing for more environmentally friendly energy sources that include solar and wind power.

The difference in opinions is said to have divided congress as the two parties continue to argue the point.

Democrats push for renewable energy

Republicans and Democrats seem to be living on different planets when it comes to how to meet U.S. energy needs.

Republicans overwhelmingly push for more oil drilling. Democrats back conservation and new energy sources such as wind and solar power.

A survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that the polarized positions on energy that have divided Congress and emerged in the presidential campaign also run deep among the public.

While majorities in both parties say energy is an important issue, the poll shows that partisan identification is closely tied to people’s perceptions of the causes of the country’s energy problems and possible solutions. No other demographic factor — not race, age, gender or income level — is as consistently associated with opinions on energy as political party identification.

For example:

— Three of four Democrats surveyed report that a major reason for the county’s energy problems is that industry does not do enough to support clean energy. By comparison, 43 percent of the Republicans questioned believe that.

— Three of four Republicans in the poll cite government limits on drilling as a major reason for energy problems, compared with 34 percent of Democrats.

Also, 85 percent say it is a serious problem that the United States needs to buy energy from other countries, but there’s disagreement about why. Among Republicans in the poll, 65 percent say the U.S. does not produce enough domestic energy to meet demand. Yet just over half the Democrats say people use too much energy.

Even on areas where there’s majority agreement, a partisan gap remains. For instance, there is broad backing for programs to help consumers learn to make more energy-efficient choices, but the support is 81 percent among Democrats and 57 percent among Republicans.

Source: AP

The push by the Republican party could have devastating consequences upon the environment particularly in Alaska where oil drilling impacts on the fragile wildlife population in the area.

Renewable energies create jobs

As we see the US struggling to solve its economic problems through the resources sector, we may see some aggressive protests by environmentalists and green groups alike. The US needs to accept the fact that it is no longer a mega oil giant and start to focus its economic recovery elsewhere!

As the world struggles to create enough energy for its ever increasing population, the disregard for the environment seems to be growing rapidly.

The environment is at crises point and we need to start placing economic policy on the back burner and develop industries and energies that are sustainable.

Countries like Germany have embraced the technologies and are already seeing the pay offs.

What will it take for leaders to realise that we only have one planet and without it we are…. Nothing!

What are your thoughts on the energy debate in the US? Should the US reduce its defence budget to pour more money into developing jobs and greener technologies?

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