South Korea Drops Whaling Plans Amidst Protest

by Nellie J

South Korea Drops Whaling (AAP)

South Korea has assured the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr that it will not proceed with its plans to commence the slaughter of whales for “scientific research.”

The move comes amidst protests from the Australian government whom rallied the South Koreans against their plans.  Australians in general were disgusted with the South Korean plan to slaughter whales.

The decision by the South Koreans not to slaughter whales has been met with great delight by many groups including Sea Shepherd and Green Peace.


Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr says a South Korean official told him scientific whaling won’t go ahead.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr says he has received assurances from South  Korea that it will not be proceeding with a program of so-called  “scientific” whaling.The development came after Senator Carr held  talks with his South Korean counterpart Kim Sung-Hwan on the sidelines  of the East Asia Summit of foreign ministers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on  Thursday.

In a statement issued following the talks, Senator Carr acknowledged the “leadership” shown by South Korea on the issue.

“Korea has committed itself to green growth, and is capable of becoming a global green superpower,” Senator Carr said.

“I acknowledge the nation’s responsiveness and leadership.”

Senator  Carr said that Mr Kim had told him South Korea would be taking the  advice of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) on the matter.

A  senior official with South Korea’s Ministry of Food, Agriculture,  Forestry and Fisheries had already indicated Seoul was backing down from  the announcement last week about plans to initiate a program of  “scientific” whaling.

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What do you think?

Are you concerned that nations can be permitted to slaughter whales under a loophole in international law, that allows the slaughter of whales for “scientific purposes?”

Do you think enough is being done to protect the endangered species of our oceans?

Do you trust South Korea to stick to their decision?

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