Speciesism. Is Not Just Another Dirty Word!

by Nellie J

We as humans tend to think of ourselves as the most important animal on the planet. We go about our daily activities with a total belief in the idea that we have more rights to life than any other creature, great or small on the earth. This belief system is known as speciesism.


We kill other living creatures within the blink of an eye either for food, clothing or for sport and have absolutely no regard for the feelings of the animals we slaughter.

A new documentary by filmmaker Mark Devries, focuses on the idea that we as a species are caught up in the idea that all living creatures and lifeforms on the planet have been put there for us to exploit.

Animals are the best people!

Every now and then, a movie comes along that is capable of fundamentally changing the worldview of its audience. Speciesism: The Movie, a new documentary by Mark Devries, is that kind of film.

The word “speciesism,” which has been popularized by Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer, refers to the assumption that a vast gulf exists between the ethical value of human interests and the ethical value of the interests of other animals. At its extreme, we may see ourselves as the only species that matters morally, and view other animals as existing merely for our use: to eat, to make into clothing, to perform experiments on, to be entertained by in circuses and zoos. Like those who grew up having overt racist beliefs assimilated into their worldview, some degree of speciesism has been so well-assimilated into the worldview of most of us that it does not even appear to be worth questioning.

Of course, other animals possess the same five physiological senses that we do, as well as the capacity for a wide range of emotions. In her introduction to The Inner World of Farm Animals, Dr. Jane Goodall writes that “farm animals feel pleasure and sadness, excitement and resentment, depression, fear, and pain. They are far more aware and intelligent than we ever imagined . . . they are individuals in their own right.”

Source: The Huffington Post

Some religious groups believe that humans are the only creatures in the known universe that have a soul that is capable of going to the after life. Do you think that this kind of belief system has helped to propagate speciesism?

If God is a cow… Then we are all fucked!

In the not to near distant future, we may look back on these times as barbaric as the human race starts to feel the affects of what our species has done to the planet.

For example: We spare little or no thought to killing an insect, disregarding the fact that bugs themselves play an important role in the earths Eco-system.

I dare everyone to watch the movie “Earthlings” (If you can handle it) and not be affected by its content!

Fact: The Meat Industry is the biggest contributor to anthropological global warming!

Do you think that we need to change our attitudes towards animals and start to respect all lifeforms?

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