Super Moon Comes Closest To Earth in 18 Years!

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An astrological event dubbed the “Super Moon” will be taking place across the globe this weekend. The once a year lunar spectacle will cause the Moon to drift 14 percent closer to the Earth than it usually does during its normal orbit. (A mere 356,995km away)

It is estimated that the Moon will also shine up to 30 percent brighter than usual.

Astronomers state that the closer the Moon is to the Earth, the larger the variations in tidal patterns. The super Moon will take place starting today and will peak tomorrow.

This event is also called the Perigree

The moon’s proximity won’t have any major effects on our planet, according to  astronomers, who hope to dispel fears that the looming lunar orb causes  natural disasters.

“While  we know that during new and full moons the tides are greatest—and if  it’s in concert with a storm surge it might produce unusual  flooding—there is no scientific evidence that earthquakes and other  natural disasters are connected,” Gyuk said.

“Supermoons  have been happening for billions of years, and nothing particularly  special occurs on these dates—except, of course, for a beautiful full  moon.”

Another Supermoon on the Horizon

For  photo hounds, the most picturesque moments during Saturday’s supermoon  will occur in the minutes after local sunset, as the full moon hovers  above the horizon.

“What you should see is the moon rising, deeply colored and looming over the foreground objects,” Gyuk said.

Because the size of the moon’s orbit varies slightly, each monthly perigee is not always the same distance from Earth.

Source: National Geographic

So it’s time to dust off your camera, polish your telescope and get ready for a spectacular display of Moon light!

For the superstitious it may be time to take caution. Although there is no scientific explanation, police records indicate a significant rise in the number of arrests surrounding cosmic events involving the Moon. Apparently “Lunatics” become more active during a full Moon.

What ever your slant on the Moon is… It is a great time to turn off your T.V., shut down your computer and go outside a take a glimpse at this natural wonder!

If you notice any strange or unusual activities occurring in your locale, please drop us a line or leave comment about it on this story!

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