Super Trawler Abel Tasman Banned For Two Years

Super Trawler Abel Tasman Banned For Two Years

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Super Trawler Banned for Two Years!

In a stunning victory for the environment, the Australian Government has banned the “Super Trawler” (renamed Abel Tasman) from raping the oceans of Australia for up to two years.


The response from the community in protest to the trawler was phenomenal.

According to various news sources the opposition party opposed the incumbent Governments move to ban the trawler.

After much debate the Government managed to pass a bill which effectively halted the operation until further research into the effect of bi-catches could be carried out.


Lawmakers voted 62-60 in favour of amendments to Australia’s environmental protection and laws blocking the Dutch-owned FV Margiris from trawling its oceans until research into its impact is completed.

The 9,500-tonne, 143-metre (469-foot), Margiris, recently reflagged the Abel Tasman, was set to catch baitfish off southern Tasmania but a community backlash led by and local fisherman saw the government step in.

Environment Minister Tony Burke rushed amendments into parliament Tuesday blocking the ship from working in Australia until fears about by-catch and over-fishing could be scientifically assessed.

Facts on a 9,500-tonne, 143 m fishing vessel Abel Tasman (formerly FV Margiris)

Facts on a 9,500-tonne, 143 m fishing vessel Abel Tasman (formerly FV Margiris). Australia blocked a controversial super-trawler from fishing in its waters Thursday in a narrow parliamentary vote which forced concessions from the centre-left Labor government…. More at Australian lawmakers block super-trawler – Phys.Org

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In further news… Professor Buxton (University of Tasmania) has spoken out against the decision:

Scientist blasts trawler decision as ‘staggering and dangerous’

A TOP fisheries scientist has slammed the government’s 11th-hour move to stop the controversial Abel Tasman super trawler as unscientific and driven by political expediency.

Colin Buxton, the director of the fisheries, aquaculture and coasts centre at the University of Tasmania’s institute for marine and antarctic studies, said that the size of the 142-metre Dutch-owned trawler did not mean that it posed any greater environmental risk than several smaller vessels.

”It’s just staggering [that] popular-ism and political expediency is now managing our fisheries,” he said. ”I think it’s incredibly dangerous. It’s really sad that the decision has been handed down in this way.”

Read more: SMH

Environment Minister Tony Burke talks about the legislation introduced to stop the Dutch super trawler from fishing in Australian waters.

The oceans and the marine life that inhabit them are facing a crisis. It has been estimated by scientists that there will be no fish left in the sea in 50 years from now. Read the article.

What further information does the Australian Government need?

If we are to survive into the future as a species, humans must start to look at alternate methods to produce seafood. The decisions we make at this point in time will have further impact on the already struggling ocean Eco.

Massive super trawlers are devastating our seas and the bi catch or unwanted “product” is simply thrown back into the ocean… Dead.

This practice must at least start to be modified and at best stopped all together.

Planet Earth Herald would like to thank all of the people who went out of their way to sign the various petitions and lobby the Government to putting a stop to the trawler for now.

It just goes to show that we can make a difference and that the battle for the  environment can be won.

People of planet earth… It is never too late!

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