Super Trawler Heads to Australia Amidst Protests

Super Trawler Heads to Australia Amidst Protests

by Nellie J

Conflict … the Margiris super trawler. Photo: Greenpeace

Super Fishing Trawler 9500-tonne MV Margiris is on its way to Australia amidst protest from environment groups and concerned citizens.

The massive trawler is set to fish for mackerel and redbait, but the trawler actually catches everything that is ensnared in its massive nets.

The unwanted catch is discarded and thrown back dead into the sea.

An investigation has been launched into the legality of the vessel.

Conflict over the largest vessel ever to fish Australian waters is intensifying,  as key independent MP Andrew Wilkie steps up his challenge to the legality of  its quota.

Mr Wilkie said today his investigation found the Australian Fisheries  Management Authority admitted that, when advice was given for setting the 19,000  tonne annual quota, it had not given a “literal” reading of the law.
AFMA has as good as admitted the fishing quota for the MV Margiris is not  worth the paper it’s written on,” Mr Wilkie said. “So the quota needs to be  ripped up and the whole assessment process started again.

“In light of this revelation, the MV Margiris may as well turn around and  return to where it came from.”

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Furthermore, concerns have been raised that the super trawler may have access to marine parks.

The Tasmanian Greens have raised concerns a super trawler bound for Australian waters may have access to Commonwealth marine protected areas.

The 142-metre FV Margiris  is set to reach Devonport this month to fish Commonwealth waters for its 18,000 tonne jack mackerel and redbait quota.

Seafish Tasmania is bringing the Margiris to Australian waters and denies claims the vessel has been delayed off Africa.

The Greens’ Kim Booth says there is no way the fisheries can remain sustainable if the trawler is allowed into reserves.

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An Online Protest has been launched in an effort to stop the super trawler and ensure healthy oceans for Australia in the future.

We call on the Australian Government to reject the fishing trawler, FV Margiris, and its plan to plunder our ecologically important small pelagic fishery.

Why is this important?

One of the world’s biggest fishing trawlers with a history of over exploiting fish stocks, the FV Margiris, wants to trawl for small pelagic fish – some of the most critical species in our marine ecosystem. Small pelagic fishing around Tasmania already has a bad record. The surface schools of jack mackerel that were once common off southeast Tasmania have not returned after the collapse of that fishery over 20 years ago.

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No Fish in the sea by 2048

It has been estimated by marine scientists that if we continue the current methods of fishing our oceans, that there will be no fish left in the sea by 2048.

Have your say and put a stop to this blatant disregard for the environment by following this link.


What are your thoughts on the super trawler and the current state of our oceans?

Are you concerned that there will be no fish left in the ocean by 2048?

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