Taiwan Burns The Midnight Oil Twice In One Day!

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We hear about oil fires quite often, but twice in one day at the same refinery is taking “Burning The Midnight Oil” a little too far! A fractured pipe at Taiwan’s CPC Corp.’s Kaohsiung refinery complex triggered the fire which was said to have an “unpleasant odor”

In a world where oil is becoming more and more scarce, it would seem pretty obvious that unless you had money to burn, (or oil in this case) you would take more effective measures to ensure that events like this did not occur!

The fire produced an unpleasant odor!

Kaohsiung, April 6 (CNA) The Kaohsiung City government slapped state-run oil refiner CPC Corp., Taiwan with its second fine for polluting the air in 12 hours Friday evening after a fire engulfed a warehouse in its Kaohsiung complex earlier in the day.

The city’s Environmental Protection Bureau fined CPC Corp.’s Kaohsiung refinery complex NT$1 million (US$34,000) for emitting an irritating odor at a level found to be far beyond the legal standard.

The city first fined the company NT$1 million earlier in the day for the heavy smoke that billowed from a butadiene storage facility in the complex’s naphtha cracking plant after being hit by a fire.

The NT$1 million fine is the maximum that can be assessed for violations of Taiwan’s Air Pollution Control Act.

The fire, which started at 3:35 a.m. and was caused by a fractured pipe, was extinguished after firefighters battled the blaze for more than five hours.

No individuals were injured or killed during the accident, and no toxic gas or waste water leaked out of the petrochemical complex, according to CPC Corp.

News Source: Focus Taiwan

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Does their need to be an international law governing the safety standards to ensure fires like this do not occur?

Should we start spending more money developing alternate fuel and energy sources?

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