The Future I Want: Brittany Trilford’s Plea To The World

by Editor

Brittany Trilford, 17, of Wellington, New Zealand, is the winner of the TckTckTck’s date with history competition and will address the world’s  leaders at  the upcoming Earth Summit 2012.


The Summit is said to be hindered by outweighed concerns from leaders regarding economic issues and the crisis in Syria over the pressing issues of the environment.

Despite the concerns, Brittany will deliver her much needed message to global leaders expressing the voice of the youth and the future custodians of the planet.

Seventeen-year-old Brittany Trilford

Trilford concludes her heart felt plea for a sustainable future by saying “What kind of future do I want?  I want a future where education encourages innovative thinking.  I want a future where we run with natural processes and not against them.  I want a future where leaders will stop talking and start acting.  I want a future where leaders lead.”

It is inspiring to see that the youth has a voice when it comes to the environment. Research suggests that the youth of our planet have become apathetic when it comes to environmental issues. Many young people today feel helpless when it comes to our future.

“With youth accounting for 3 billion of the world’s population, it is critical that young people from all walks of life are engaged in influencing global decision-making on sustainability now – they will live with the building blocks or the broken promises, depending on the choices leaders make.” Kelly Rigg, Executive Director of Global Campaign for Climate Action.

Do you think that leaders ought to listen seriously to the voice of the youth with the concerns that they have regarding our planet’s future?

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