The Future Of Renewable Energy: UN Report

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A report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has indicated some very positive results for the creation of renewable energies. As the environment continues to suffer at the hand of the worlds constant demand for energy, the report comes at a time that many see as being too late.


The recent Rio +20 summit saw many scientists report that the environment is at tipping point and if immediate action was not under taken by leaders and industry, that we may be facing “environmental meltdown”.

The findings of the report by the the group, assume that strict global carbon emissions targets are met and that other favourable conditions are also in place.

Renewable energy powers the world of the future.

GLOBAL energy generated by renewables could increase up to 10 times on current levels by mid-century, a landmark study by a United Nations climate change body has found.

In a report released this March in Abu Dhabi, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says detailed analysis it has carried out finds renewables will most likely contribute more than 17 per cent of the planet’s primary energy supply by 2030, and more than 27 per cent by 2050.

Under the most positive outcomes of the analysis, 43 per cent of energy could be supplied by renewables in 2030, growing to 77 per cent in 2050, but these findings assume strict global carbon emissions targets and a number of other favourable conditions.

Source: SMH

The energy debate along with overpopulation are the two major issues that face the planet at this point in time. If we cannot curb the exponential growth of the earths 7 billion (and counting) people, then solutions to the crises need to be sought elsewhere.

Solar plant the size of the British Isles could power the globe.

Interestingly enough… It has been estimated by scientists that a solar power plant the size of the British Isles could fuel the entire world’s need for electrical energy.

Some of the renewable energy sources that are being developed are wind, solar, geothermal and tidal. Research into high tech carbon fibre solar powered energy is still under developed, but is making headway.

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What are your thoughts on the future of renewable energy and is enough being done to develop technologies that will safely see us into the future?

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