Thousands Protest In Japan Against Nuclear Energy

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Thousands of Japanese citizens staged a massive rally outside parliament in Tokyo to protest the Japanese governments intentions to continue with  nuclear energy production.

The protests are triggered by last years radiation disaster at Fukushima. The protest is the latest in a string of anti-nuclear sentiment which is sweeping the nation.

News of the  protests are sent out on twitter and are continuing on a weekly basis.

Organizers put the number of protesters at 200,000, but police told local media that there were between 10,000 and 20,000 people.

With many clad in gas masks and white protective suits similar to those used in decontamination work at the crippled Fukushima plant, the demonstrators earlier took part in a noisy march through the capital to the parliament.

Misao Redwolf, an illustrator and one of the organisers, told protesters gathered in Hibiya Park, “We won’t allow any more reactors to restart. We want to slam this demand to the government”.

Unlike many conventional protests in Japan organised by labour unions and political groups, a large number of independent citizens, including children, have joined the demonstration, with many never having taken to the streets before.

Organisers used Twitter to spread details of the planned protest and aimed their message at ordinary people by banning participants from carrying banners with the names of unions and political groups and creating special areas for families with children.

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Despite the ongoing protests the government in Japan has refused to listen to the voice of the people. Many citizens are concerned of the lack of democracy and empathy that the government is showing.

The general opinion of the Japanese is that a parliament that supports environmental policies is needed in order to facilitate the safety of the future of the nation.

Japan has recently recommissioned the serviceable nuclear power plants after reporting a record budget blow out due to the importing of fossil fuels to power the nations hunger for energy.

As technologies advance around alternatives to nuclear energy, the Japanese government has not made any statements toward advancing such technologies.

Do you support the Japanese protesters and their battle to ban nuclear power?

What are your thoughts on the current plight of Japan’s energy crisis and do you think that the government needs to embrace environmental policies?

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