UK Climate Control Experiment Cancelled

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An experiment to combat climate change has been cancelled due partly to patent issues, and partly due to the lack of rules governing such experiments.


The project to be carried out by British scientists involved initially pumping water into the upper atmosphere then over a period of time graduating through to sulfates and aerosol particles instead of water.

The experiment is said to mirror the effects of a volcanic eruption in the upper atmosphere.

Such techniques are known as geo-engineering. These “experiments” also known as chemtrails are creating a considerable amount of hyperbola in many conservation and conspiracy groups alike.

The experiment mirrors volcanic activity

British scientists have abandoned an experiment to test the possibility of spraying particles into the upper atmosphere to stem global warming, largely due to concerns over a patent for some of the technology, the project’s leader said.

Scientists and engineers from the universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford are behind a three-year, 1.6 million pound ($2.5 million) geo-engineering project called Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE).

They had intended to pump water through a 1 km hosepipe into an air balloon to test the engineering design and the effects of wind before scaling up gradually to a potential full-scale balloon project, 20 km high, that would use sulfates and aerosol particles instead of water.

“The decision to call off the experiment was made by all the project partners in agreement,” Matt Watson, lead scientist on the SPICE project, said on Wednesday.

The overall project, funded by UK research councils, will continue with its aim to assess the feasibility of so-called solar radiation management (SRM) by mimicking volcanoes when they erupt, which can have both a cooling and warming effect on the earth’s atmosphere.

SRM works on the assumption that some eruptions expel particles into the upper atmosphere, bouncing some of the sun’s energy back into space and thereby cooling the earth.

The controversial experiment had already been pushed back in October last year for six months due to the need for further public consultation.

Supporters say research into geo-engineering schemes – like aerosol injection, mirrors in space to deflect the sun and giant devices to trap carbon dioxide – is needed as the world might need temporary fixes in the future to tackle the dangerous impacts of climate change.

Source: Yahoo

Little to nothing is known about the long term implications of messing around with the earths fragile atmosphere. This kind of project may have some side effects that are unknown at this stage. I am suspicious of anyone pumping chemicals into the upper atmosphere!

Many people believe that there is a hidden agenda to all of these experiments, if there is a hidden agenda, shouldn’t the public have the right to know?

Do you think that the mere fact that scientists are carrying out such experiments brings home the fact that climate change is a serious issue that will ultimately affect us all?

Are the scientists carrying out these experiments under the guise of climate change control, but actually doing something else?… Who knows?

If you have any verifiable information about this polemic issue please have your say and send it through to us. We would love to hear from you!

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