UK Powered By Volcanic Energy In Explosive Deal

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In a revolutionary deal being negotiated by Britain’s Energy Minister, the UK could soon be channeling electricity generated by heat from volcanoes and geysers in Iceland. The step is part of a long term plan which will see the European Union fulfill its pledge to have 20 percent of its energy being created by renewable resources such as wind, solar and now volcanoes by 2020.

As the energy crises continues to gather momentum, we can expect to see Governments Worldwide erupt over new ways to harness power from the Earth and the Sun. The next time you hear of volcanic activity, bear in mind that is just the earth moaning about the electricity bill?

Volcano power set to erupt!

Icelandic volcanoes soon could power British homes if the UK government secures a new energy deal.

Energy minister Charles Hendry will visit Iceland in May to negotiate an agreement that would mean laying hundreds of miles of cables underwater to satisfy the UK’s energy needs.

The cables, known as interconnectors, would carry low-carbon energy harvested from Iceland’s geothermal sources such as volcanoes and geysers.

The plan could supply a third of the nation’s average electricity demand.

“We are looking to a low-carbon economy. I think the best way is to get a number of different interconnectors first,” Hendry said late Thursday.

The copper cables would need to be up to 932 miles (1,500 kilometers) long to reach Iceland — the longest in the world.   Hendry said Iceland’s geothermal energy prices would be negotiated on long-term contracts.

“We want to give consumers a clearer and more predictable idea of what they will have to pay,” he said.

If agreed, the project could be up and running before 2020, Hendry added. The project is part of the European Union’s pledge to have 20 percent of its energy come from renewable sources by the next decade.

News Source: Sky News

Given that Governments are beginning to take measures to ensure a renewable energy grid in the future… Do you think they have done enough or have they left it a little late?

The fossil fuel energy business has had a good run for decades. Do you think that we really should be increasing funds to the advancement of renewable energy technologies?

Do you know of any other less well known ideas that people have for renewable energy creation? If so… tell us!

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